Download driver:

Choose the correct driver to download from the chart below. Some devices have a universal driver that works on all models; for others, download the correct driver based on the device model number (this will be found on the label on your device and on the device box):

*Note: the POE versions of the Multi Function Repeater and Relay & Contact Sensor will have a “P” at the end of the model number; choose the driver that matches the model number preceding the “P”

Motion Sensor All Models - v02.01.05
Lamp Dimmer All Models - v02.01.10
Lamp Dimmer Plus All Models - v02.01.10
Contact Sensor All Models - v01.02.01
Doorbell Button All Models - v02.01.03
Chime Relay CR-C4ZB-11 – v01.01.14
Multi Function Repeater MFR-C4ZB-H2-21 – v01.01.16 MFR-C4ZB-11 – v01.01.16
Relay & Contact Sensor RCS-C4ZB-H2-21 – v01.01.20 RCS-C4ZB-11 – v01.01.19
RCS6 RCS6-C4ZB-H2-21 – v01.01.01
Plug In Chime PIC-C4ZB-H2-21 – v01.01.14 PIC-C4ZB-11 – v01.01.04


Install driver:

In the zip folder you downloaded, copy the file with .c4i extension into the folder that Control 4 loads drivers from. On most systems this will be in C:Users/USERNAME/Documents/Control4Drivers.

Close and open Control 4 Composer to make it load new driver.

In Search pane in System Design window set Device Type as follows:
“– others — ” for most Axxess Industries devices
“Control4 Wireless Thermostat” for Temperature Display driver

Click here to download Device Temperature Display for Control4 Navigator

Click here to download Device Humidity Display for Extra Vegetables App in Control4 Navigator

Click here to find the Extra Vegetables Humidity Display App