Make Your Doorbell Chime Festive with Control4

With American Thanksgiving and Black Friday here, the beginning of the holiday season is upon us. Why not start the right way by setting up a festive doorbell chime? If you’ve picked up a Control4 system on sale, here’s a great introductory project to learn how to customize it to your tastes.

(This is a pretty brief summary; you can see a full description here if you need a little more help on programming your system)

You’ll need three devices in your Control4 project tree: a controller, an audio output device (TV or speakers), and a wireless doorbell button. To start setting up the custom doorbell, download one or more of these 10-15 second clips of classic holiday songs (right-click – save link as):





Note that Control4 can play any .WAV file as a doorbell, so if you have another song in mind, go for it!

Fire up your Control4 Composer HE and connect to a Director. Click the Agents view, select Announcements, and click New. Enter a name (maybe something like “Holiday Doorbell”) and click Create.

Check the Play Audio File (.wav) box, and click Add to upload your desired clip to the controller. Once added, the file will remain in the drop-down list for future use. Choose that file once uploaded, and click Add/Remove Rooms to add the specific rooms where the audio file will play.

Click the Programming view and then Announcements to ensure your new Holiday Doorbell announcement displays in the Actions pane and that the command is there. Program the announcement to play with the Doorbell button press.

That’s it! Enjoy your holiday season!

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