The Spookiest Halloween yet with Axxess and Control4

Halloween is coming up quick, and with your Axxess devices in your Control4 home, you can really amp up the spooky effects this year. Here’s three examples of how you can use home automation devices to make the best interactive Halloween display in the neighborhood.

Wireless Contact Sensor
The Axxess Wireless Contact Sensor is an incredibly useful tool in all of your decorations. For example, if you have a fence with a gate around your property, the contact sensor is a great way to trigger an event when someone walks into the yard.

Set the contact sensor on the post and the magnet on the gate itself. When the door opens, the sensor will trigger whatever event you set up; this can be as subtle as playing a creaky gate sound with wind blowing, causing lights to flicker on and off, or even causing an animatronic zombie to to start lumbering towards the intruder.

Wireless Motion Sensor
Motion sensors are the killer app (pun intended) of your interactive Halloween display.  Think of how scary it will be when simply by walking around the corner, the Motion Sensor triggers a series of events occur. For maximum thrills, set up strobe lights, cackling sounds and a fog machine over a scary looking tableau of a witch stirring a pot.

Wireless Doorbell Button

The most obvious use for the wireless Doorbell Button is, of course, as a doorbell button. When paired with your Control4 system, you can easily replace your normal chime with holiday-appropriate sounds like a chilling scream or the sound of a zombie hordes approaching the door.

But did you know this button has other uses? The button can be used for any purpose you can imagine: maybe it’s part of a spooky mysterious machine, or as the reset button that brings a a spooky robot to life.

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