This Week on The Bachelor

It was beautiful.

It was powerful.

It had everybody in tears.

Sharleen was able to make the brave decision to listen to her heart, go up to Juan Pablo’s room, and eliminate herself from The Bachelor. It was a courageous act that had us on the edge of our seats, and it was in that moment that it was impossible to miss the stunning Electronic Do-Not-Disturb sign and doorbell outside Juan Pablo’s room.

bachelor-contentFrom the edge lit non-glare acrylic front plate to the polished stainless steel accent bar, these custom made signs at Loews Miami Beach Hotel had everyone reeling.

It was an exciting moment for all of us here at Axxess Industries, not just because we are all such huge fans of The Bachelor, but because having our product shown on such a big stage is a testament to a lot of hard work over the years. We just couldn’t help but wonder…

If only he had set his sign to ‘do not disturb’, Juan Pablo might still be visiting Sharleen’s family on next week’s episode…

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