Does the TouchSwitch need to be beside the door?

    While the TouchSwitch is typically placed by the light switch beside the door it is entirely possible to place it anywhere in the room. Beside the bed, for example Additionally, it is possible to install multiple TouchSwitches in a room. Additional TouchSwitches  can be installed as wired connection but it is more convenient to connect […]

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    Is the System Wireless?

    That depends on what aspect of the system we are looking at. The system is typically a powered system, thus it is wired in the sense of being powered. The interaction between the guest room switch and the indicator/doorbell panel in the corridor is typically via plug-and-play wire connection. If it is impossible to install […]

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    1gang mudring

    What Kind of Electrical Box?

    The current North American form factor of the Privacy Service system fits a North American single gang electrical box opening; the switch face fits a standard Decora = GFI opening. Standard installation is in an a 4-square box with a single gang mudring. Installation in multi-gang electrical boxes is supported with specific requirements – consult with us […]

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