Touch Keypads

Capacitive touch switches with thousands of button layouts available

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Thousands of layouts at your finger tips

The Axxess Touch Keypad comes in thousands of standard layouts, from a single button to multiple buttons and sliders.

Flexible Capacitive Touch Controls

Our switches can be produced in multiple combinations of buttons and slideres, with up to six rows and three columns for the US Full Size version.

Need a custom layout made? We can do that.

See It From All Sides

The Touch Keypads are sleek and modern, with laser-etched graphics and LEDs.

They can be installed on their own, or along with the Axxess Load Control Module.

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Beautiful Controls to Fit Your Hotel Design

When it comes to sleek, modern design, the Axxess Touch Keypads are the best control switch available.

Our capacitive touch controls are available in three form factors: US Fullsize, Euro Fullsize, and Decora-style, and can be customized to any color of your choosing.