Know when food trays are left in your halls

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Trays Software

AxxessTrays is a powerful web-based tool to monitor and manage your room service food tray and trolley deliveries. Axxess Tray Tracker devices provide you with real time information on where food trays and trolleys have been left outside a room for pickup.

Trays Out

View at a glance what rooms have had 'In Room Dining' deliveries and how much time has elapsed. Choose to set pre determined pickup times.

Trays Detected

View list of rooms picking up signals from trays left out in the hallway. Provides elapsed time of how long trays have been sitting in hall.


View stats and graphs on performance related metrics. Set standards for your staff to achieve and compare their results.

Mobile & Tablet Support

Use any device with web access to view our Trays software. Works on desktops, smartphones and tablets.