Lamp Dimmer Plus

For use with Control4®

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Lamp Dimmer Plus for Control4

Just like the Lamp Dimmer the Lamp Dimmer Plus is perfect for dimming table lamps and floor lamps in the Control4 automated home. Additionally the 4 button keypad allows users to program actions from the same interface.

Available in white, black and silver.

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Touch Slider

Simply slide your finger along the device to your desired light level and your light will respond immediately.

Use with a variety of bulbs, including incandescents/halogens, CFLs, LEDs

Dimmer + Keypad

A 4 button keypad allows you to program actions from the same convenient interface.

Custom button graphics can be requested for large scale projects.

Watch Installation Video

Installation is simple. Cut the existing switch out of the cord and crimp on our connector sleeves to the wire ends. Then just plug the ends in!

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