Know if a guest is in the room

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How It Works

Using a combination of a Wireless Motion Sensor in the room and a Contact Sensor on the door, guestPresence is able to accurately determine if a guest is in the room.

After the guest room door closes our motion detector scans the room to detect if there is a guest inside. This sets the system to "Guest Present". The hotel room occupancy status is re-evaluated every time the guest room door opens and closes. Only hotel staff can obtain the occupancy information leaving guests in undisturbed privacy.

  • Eliminates the senseless knocking on every door down a hallway when some guests are still sleeping.
  • Hotel occupancy sensor helps guest stay undisturbed.
  • Occupancy sensor prevents uncomfortable and embarrassing situations between staff and guests.

HotDash Software

Now you can view the occupancy status of any room in your entire hotel and know if a guest is in the room or not before knocking. Maintenance can be managed more efficiently knowing remotely when a guest is not in the room.

Our HotDash application provides data from our PrivacyService system as well and can all be viewed from any device with web access.

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