How To Control Garage Doors

Our wall plug or POE powered, ZigBee repeater, the ‘Relay & Contact Sensor’ can control up to 3 garage doors.

See our step by step guide for detailed instructions on these topics:
Physical relay connections to garage controller
Viewing garage door open/close state in Control4 Navigator
Operating garage doors using Control4 Navigator
Operating garage doors using Control4 programming

Control Garage Doors Using Axxess ‐ Relay & Contact Sensor


Physically connect relays to garage doors, view open/close state of doors in Control4 Navigator and trigger relays to open/close doors using Control4 Navigator or Composer programming.

Physically connect relay to garage door opener


There are a variety of ways for this to be done, the first is easiest but not always possible, second is common, third will work on any opener.


Axxess Industries Relay & Contact Sensor
Any electronic garage door opener

RelayPin Outs

Looking into the relay jack with the tab slot facing up, pin 1 is on the left.

Pin 1

3.3Vdc ‐ Not needed (for powering external relay)

Pin 2 & 3

Relay 1

Pin 4 & 5

Relay 2

Pin 6 & 7

Relay 3

Pin 8

Gnd ‐ Not needed (for powering external relay)

Some garage door controllers have terminals for relays to be attached. If this is the case then simply connect the relay to the terminals and you’re done.

Connect relay across wall panel wires

Measure voltage across wires that go to wall panel, then press and hold open/close button for at least 1 second. If voltage drops to 0V when button is pressed, then this method will work, else, continue on to next step. Connect a relay across the wires and you’re done, the relay will emulate button press by shorting the wires when relay closes just like the button shorts the wires when it’s pressed.

Connect relay directly to button in wall panel or in remote opener

When all else fails, it’s time to solder. Regardless of how your opener works, you can emulate a press of the open/close button by connecting a relay across the button. This can be done in a wall panel or in an opener remote.

Open the device to gain access to the pins of the open/close button.

Use a voltmeter to find 2 pins on the button that have voltage across them. Confirm voltage drops to 0V when button is pressed. Solder relay wires to the 2 pins and you’re done.

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