Joining a Device to the Control4 Network

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Network Button Commands

4 tap
8 tap
13 tap
15 tap
Join Network
Enter Setup Mode
Leave Network
Reboot Device
Network Button Location
Report Type
Chime Relay
hole in side
Contact Sensor
hole in top
hole in bottom
Motion Sensor
tab on bottom
Relay & Contact Sensor
hole in left side of flat edge
Multi Function Repeater
hole in left side of flat edge
Network Status
LED Report
Speaker Report
Attempting to join
Joined to network
ascending beeps
Not joined to network
descending beeps
Failed to join
descending beeps

These reports will also run on boot up. 15 tap the network button or remove and re-apply power to make the device report its network status.


Success then fail
If successful join is reported then failed to join is reported right after, it means it started to join but failed. This is common when trying to join a device to the wrong driver, for example joining a doorbell to a doorstation driver.

Successful join but address doesn’t appear
If device gives successful join report without a failed to join report afterwards but the address doesn’t show up in the identify window, wait 15 seconds, close and re-open identify window, then reboot device. This will initiate a resend of identity packets which can get Composer to list the address. If that doesn’t fix it, 13 tap the device to leave the network and then try 4 tapping again.

Repetitive fails
If device repeatedly reports that it failed to join that means it’s failing and retrying. This is common when there aren’t enough routers on the network to support this new node. To see the routing tree go to Tools – Network tools – ZigBee Network – Routing Tree.


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