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Relay & Contact Sensor

3 contact inputs and 3 relay outputs

Relay & Contact Sensor Specs

Relay & Contact Sensor POE Datasheet

Relay & Contact Sensor Datasheet


Width: 3.1″ (7.87cm)
Length: 2.66″ (5.33cm)
Height: 1.0″ (2.54cm)


White / Black


FCC Part 15


ZigBee PRO (802.15.4)
Control4 driver downloadable

Power & Battery

A DC power adapter is included with either a North American, European, UK or Australia/China plug. Auxillary power is 6.5V-24V AC or DC

Optional POE

Alternative power option to power the device using the external RJ45 jack.

Repeater Function

Join up to 16 more devices and/or extend the range of your ZigBee network.

Relay Function

3 relay outputs using internal RJ45 jack
DC Load Max: 1A | 60VDC
AC Load Max: 1A | 40VAC

Contact Sensor Function

3 contact sensor inputs using RJ12 jack.

Temperature Sensor

Accurate to +/- 1°C
Operating range of -40°C to 70°C

Mounting Options

2 keyholes & screws)

Relay & Contact Sensor (RCS3)

The Axxess RCS3 is designed for low voltage control functions.  It comprises 3 contact inputs, 3 dry contact outputs.
And the RCS3 sports a temperature sensor for more distributed temperature sensing.

Temperature Sensor

Monitor and control temperatures inside of your home.

3 Contact Sensors

Check the open or close status and then use the relay to automatically open or close them.

3 Relays

Use relays to open and close automatic blinds, garage doors, gates, etc.


Increase the range of your Control4 ZigBee mesh network and increase the ratio of parent to child devices.

Power Over Ethernet

Our POE version of the RCS3 offers an alternative power option to power the device using the external RJ45 jack instead of the DC power adapter. This device does not have Ethernet connective capability; it simply offers an alternative power option.

Control4® Composer Guide

Have a look at our guide to see what is all possible with our device and Control4’s Composer.

Build Your Smart Home Better

Axxess devices are a crucial part of your modern smart home automation system. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your security, create a more energy efficient system, or build out a system that can control your entire house, we have solutions.

With the Internet of Things, communication is key, and our devices work with a wide array of platforms and controllers, including  Control4, Telkonet, and many other ZigBee Pro HA compatible networks.